About Us

Quartz Ridge Sanctuary (QRS) is a not for profit, charitable hobby farm where soldiers and veterans diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can seek refuge in a slow pace, high drag environment, while receiving professional medical help. Members will have the opportunity to learn how to minimize the impacts caused by PTSD using biofeedback, mindfulness based stress management, animal therapy, resilience training and other self-care workshops.

Quartz Ridge Sanctuary is a hands on therapeutic farm where members will learn about agriculture, care and well being of rescued and abused farm animals, honey bees and themselves. This is a program that has been developed by veterans and soldiers for veterans and soldiers.

Currently all direct labor for operating QRS has been, and will continue to be on a zero-cost volunteer basis. Only certain 3rd party professional services such as legal and architecture have been paid for on an ad-hoc basis.